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Edgar Myshkin
Edgar Myshkin

The.Mysterious.Cities.of.Gold.Secret.Paths-SKIDROW Skidrow Reloaded

A purple button will rotate a ring forty-five degrees clockwise, whereas a yellow button will turn a ring forty-five degrees counterclockwise. Each ring is connected to just one purple and one yellow button, which do not necesarily need to be in the same room. At the bottom of the main chamber are a number of floating green lights that indicate how many mistakes are allowed. Turning a ring in a way that moves it further away from correct alignment counts as a mistake. If all green lights disappear then the cypher locks and turns red. Once a cypher is locked, it is locked permanently. An older game save will need to be reloaded to attempt it again. A failed cypher is not a big problem, since the mission requires only 4 solved cyphers, with 10 cyphers in total being available in the galaxy.

The.Mysterious.Cities.of.Gold.Secret.Paths-SKIDROW Skidrow Reloaded


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