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Speech and Language Evaluations

I can evaluate and provide treatment plans for children and adolescents who have expressive/receptive language delays, articulation/phonological disorders, or cognitive impairments.  I work with children from birth to 18.  I use formal standardized testing and and informal assessments during the evaluation process. 


Speech and Language Evaluations

I am qualified to evaluate and provide a plan of care for adults who have expressive/receptive language disorders and or cognitive impairments. 

I specialize in working with adults who have language disorders such as aphasia, voice disorders, dysarthria or cognitive linguistic disorders after a stroke or living with a neurological disease.

I have years of experience helping clients regain cognitive skills after a traumatic brain injury. 

Dysphagia evaluation and treatment

I assess and treat children and adults who are experiencing dysphagia(a swallowing disorder). Dysphagia can be caused by a stroke, progressive neurological disease, oral-pharyngeal cancer, or a recent illness or hospitalization. 

A full written report is completed after the evaluation and treatment goals are established. 

Treatment frequencies are based on client's needs and will vary. I client may need treatment 1-2X/month or


I provide evaluation and treatment in the follow areas:

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