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Mastering FC 24: Unveiling the Ultimate Custom Tactics

In the fast-paced world of FC 24, where every gamer aspires to reach the pinnacle of success, custom tactics play EA FC 24 Coins a pivotal role in shaping your gameplay. Recently, a player known as Jambo achieved a remarkable feat of 20-0 in the Weekend League, and he graciously shared his custom tactics that contributed to this accomplishment. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of FC 24, a blend of 4231 and 4321 formations, unlocking the secrets that led to such success.

The FC 24 Formation

Jambo reveals that the FC 24 formation is a unique fusion of the 4231 and 4321 formations, providing a balance between defensive solidity and attacking prowess. He expresses a particular fondness for the 4231 setup in the new patch, emphasizing its defensive security and ball retention capabilities. With the reduction in depth to 55, this formation becomes even more resilient.

Custom Tactics Breakdown

Defensive Setup:

Depth: 55

Width: Balanced

Direct Passing: 60

Jambo advocates for a low defensive line with a depth of 55, providing a sturdy foundation. The balanced width ensures a cohesive defensive shape, while the direct passing style aids in quick transitions from defense to offense.

Attacking Setup:

Players in the Box: 6

Corners and Free Kicks: 2

For attacking prowess, Jambo suggests having six players in the box, promoting offensive options during set-pieces. Additionally, dedicating two players to corners and free kicks increases the chances of converting those opportunities into goals.

Player Positions:

CAM: Ideal for a player with 5-star skill moves and 5-star weak foot, emphasizing passing and finishing abilities.

CDMs: Box-to-box players with a focus on defensive skills and contributing to build-up play.

Jambo recommends placing a versatile playmaker in the CAM position with exceptional passing and finishing abilities. For the CDMs, he emphasizes their importance in both defensive duties and active participation in the build-up and attacking phases.

Defensive Line:

Fullbacks: Two players like Teo Hernandez; a stay-back right back is acceptable.

Having solid fullbacks is crucial in both offensive and defensive situations. Players like Teo Hernandez are recommended for their defensive prowess and ability to contribute to the attack.


Striker: Stay forward, get behind

CAM: Stay forward, get into the box

LAM/RAM: Come back on defense, cut passing lanes, cover center

CDMs: Cut passing lanes, cover center

The instructions focus on creating a balance between attacking and defensive responsibilities. While the striker and CAM are encouraged to stay forward and make attacking runs, the wide players are tasked with defensive contributions along with cutting passing lanes and covering the center.


Stay back while attacking and overlap on one buy FC 24 Coins fullback; stay back while attacking and overlap on the other.

The fullback instructions are tailored to the formation's needs. With the CDMs not on stay back, the overlapping fullbacks provide additional attacking options, creating a balanced offensive approach.

The FC 24 custom tactics offer a unique blend that proved successful for Jambo in achieving a perfect 20-0 record. Whether you are a seasoned FIFA player or a newcomer looking to enhance your skills, implementing these custom tactics could be a game-changer. As the FIFA landscape continues to evolve, adapting and mastering formations like FC 24 could be the key to dominating the Weekend League and securing victory against formidable opponents. So, subscribe, leave a like, and take your FC 24 journey to the next level.


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