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Edgar Myshkin
Edgar Myshkin

CB:RO Archived Auto Case Open

We really like the simplicity of Pacsbin. It is fantastic for teaching as it is so quick and easy to use. All images are automatically anonymized when uploaded. You can share your cases or groups of cases to anyone via a link without them having to login. It is free for up to 20 cases, easy to use and fast. As it is cloud based, you can access it on pretty much any device. Anyone can use the service.

CB:RO Archived Auto Case Open

At Citi, there was a separate team that provided dedicated Jenkins pipelines with a stable master-slave node setup, but the environment was only used for quality assurance (QA), staging, and production environments. The development environment was still very manual, and our team needed to automate it to gain as much flexibility as possible while accelerating the development effort. This is the reason we decided to build a CI/CD pipeline for DevOps. And the open source version of Jenkins was the obvious choice due to its flexibility, openness, powerful plugin-capabilities, and ease of use. 041b061a72


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