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The Chi - Season 1

While starting a new chapter in his life, Emmett further connected with his third baby mama, Tiff. After living together for a few years, he decided to propose. In season 4, the couple juggles working full-time, taking care of their son, EJ, and their new marriage.

The Chi - Season 1


Perhaps the most exciting of them all is the fact that singer, songwriter, actress and reality star Kandi Burruss has joined season three in a recurring role on the show. And finally, the trailer has dropped so we can see her in action!

Fans have anxiously been awaiting the Season 3 premiere of The Chi, and on Sunday, June 21, the wait ended. It's been a whole year since the Showtime series premiered on the small screen, and now that it has, there are a lot of follow up questions following the two big events that happened during the season premiere. One of them is about the [spoiler alert!] death of the show's main character Brandon, played by now-fired actor Jason Mitchell. Scroll down for everything we know about how he died.

But he denied that he was fired because of it. "The actual reason that I got let go was because Disney saw what was going on with Desperados and they just bought Showtime, so they decided not to pick up my option," he said. "I've been on the show for what was about to be three seasons. I was nominated for an award, so you know, I was asking for money and all these different sorts of things and they just weren't down to do it."

But while the show was popular with both critics and audiences, there was trouble brewing behind the scenes. A month before season two finished airing, Mitchell was accused of sexual misconduct by showrunner Ayanna Floyd and actress Tiffany Boone, who played his on-screen girlfriend. Showtime and Waithe severed ties with Mitchell, leaving the fate of the show in an uncertain position. What do you do when the star of your show has allegedly created an unsafe environment for Black women on set? As far as Waithe is concerned, you produce an entire season centering women at a time when Black women want to be protected most.

Kiesha (Birgundi Baker) is known around the neighborhood as a promising high school track star who doesn't hesitate to use her razor-sharp wit to express herself. Like most teens, she's obsessed with her dating life and rotates between boyfriends like accessories. The first two seasons did little to develop her character beyond a boy-crazy athlete who becomes entangled in a problematic relationship with her much older track coach. But in September, Deadline reported that Baker was promoted to a recurring role after Mitchell's departure, though it was unclear how Kiesha's storyline would develop.

In the show's third season, which wrapped this weekend, senioritis has Kiesha counting down the days until she departs for college, but she's still nervous about the thought of leaving her comfort zone in Chicago. While her mom, Nina, and new stepmother are away on their honeymoon, Kiesha is left in charge of her younger brother, Kevin, which means one thing: She's free to come and go as she pleases. On her first parent-free night, she heads to the bus stop to meet her boyfriend across town, and the otherwise lighthearted episode takes a dark turn when she spots Ronnie, a veteran who has turned to alcohol after being shunned from the community for murdering a 16-year-old, as seen in the first season. Their exchange makes Kiesha shift around in her seat, adjusting her clothes as Ronnie uncomfortably stares her down. By the time the bus arrives, viewers find that Kiesha is gone. The only indication that she was there is the shattered phone she left behind.

Although Kiesha's story is fictional, it mirrors the way society treats Black lives as nothing more than trending topics. When another missing girl's body is found in The Chi, her friends and family lose hope that the bright-eyed high schooler might still be alive. Her college rescinds her track scholarship and Nina even begins packing up her bedroom. But Waithe doesn't let us forget about Kiesha's story (spoilers ahead). As viewers soon find, she's being held captive in a basement nearby with a man we've seen glimpses of throughout the season. After a number of unsuccessful attempts at escaping, Kiesha's savior turns out to be an unlikely character: Ronnie.

When misogyny and racism collide, Black women bear the brunt of flawed systems. The Chi used its most anticipated season as prime real estate to expose that the visibility of Black women is conditional. It's convenient to count on us when you want to try "boxer braids," need 94 percent of our votes in a presidential election, or seek a candidate who can clean up the chaos of the current administration. But Kiesha's muffled screams for help in a dingy basement weren't only hers. They were all of ours. 041b061a72


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