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Timeshare Broker Services has a team of licensed real estate agents and timeshare brokers with decades of experience in the vacation ownership industry. Unlike traditional real estate agents with experience selling only homes, our timeshare real estate agents know how to sell timeshares. The agents at Timeshare Broker Services have the marketing, timeshare, and legal knowledge to assist you in buying a timeshare interest or successfully selling your timeshare resale.


Our timeshare brokers have a powerful network of contacts and industry partnerships to get the job done, including fully bonded and insured timeshare closing and escrow services. If you want a licensed timeshare broker who is going to be proactive about finding you a buyer or finding you the perfect timeshare to purchase, look no farther. Simply contact us at 1-877-884-9577 now.

Our staff is comprised of licensed real estate agents. With years of combined experience in the vacation ownership and real estate industries, our agents are knowledgeable in the intricacies of many different timeshare resorts, fractionals, and vacation club programs.

If you are interested in purchasing a timeshare, let a timeshare resale broker help you find the perfect property for your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Call (866) 633-1030 now or browse our inventory.

Meet the brokers handling's full-service timeshare resales. All of our brokers have over a decade or two of experience with hundreds of timeshare resorts that aren't limited to their listed specialties. No matter who your assigned broker is, you will be in good hands.

Joe has been involved in the timeshare industry for nearly 40 years. In 2007, Joe started TheMVPService and maintains sales contracts with timeshare owner associations representing over 1,100 units in 6 states. Before that, Joe was the President of Vacation Resorts International (VRI); a timeshare management company with nearly 150 locations throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Joe is licensed in 31 states as a Real Estate Broker, is a member of the LTRBA (Licensed Timeshare Resale Brokers Association), ARDA (American Resort Development Association, and CARE (Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers). He holds a Registered Resort Professional (RRP) designation from ARDA.

John began working in the timeshare industry in 2003, has been a licensed Real Estate Associate since 2003 and a Licensed Broker since 2013. John started in the industry on the sales line for 3 years, then moved into timeshare resales for the last 10 years. John joined the RedWeek Full Service Resale Team in 2018.

Please allow me to respond as I am Don Nadeau, the Managing Director of Timeshare Broker Services. While it is difficult to address this post directly due to the lack of specifics in the post, I would like to discuss our operation and how we interact with our customers. When someone comes to us looking to buy a timeshare, we do everything in our power to find the week they have requested at the best price possible. People ask for our services for a number of reasons, since they often do not have the time to search for a week themselves or do not necessarily know where to look for the week. Readers of Redweek know that they can look at or a number of other sites to find weeks for sale, so we have to assume that a prospective buyer asking for our help either does not have the time to look or needs our help to find a specific week for sale. If this person had found the week they were looking for themselves, as is indicated in the post, then I am confused as to why they would have asked for our services. We charge, as any business would, for services rendered which would include the time spent searching for the week, research with the seller to find out if they actually owned the week listed, research that the specifics of the week were accurate, etc. In the end, the buyer always has the choice to say yes or no, to use or not use our services, and go on with their search. In 2008, our brokerage company negotiated over 1,000 sales of timeshare intervals, so we must be doing something right. Please feel free to contact me through our website if anyone has any questions about our operation. Sincerely Don Nadeau Licensed Real Estate Broker & Managing Director Timeshare Broker Services

SellMyTimeshareNow was started back in mid 2003 by the CEO (Jason Tremblay) and his mother (Cindy Gonzalez) in Florida. Soon after they added the current Director of Sales (Rosanne Luba). The ideas implemented were solid and were intended to change the market of timeshare resale Internet advertising. At that point, many of the timeshare advertising companies were promising things they could not deliver such as excessively high resale prices, the highest amount of resale shoppers on their websites or in their storefronts, implied 30, 60 or 90 day turn around, and so on.

The SMTN program was designed to tell the seller the truth regarding resale, give a more true market value, not promise any selling time (since every timeshare sale is different), and actually provide the highest volume of buyers to the website. Getting the buyers to the website was achieved by actually spending money on pay-per-click positions and continually tuning search engine optimization for virtually every buyer search term (something the other companies put no effort or little effort into). Advertising sales reps for SMTN had all the right things going. They could explain the two key factors in successfully selling a timeshare were exposure to buyers and asking price, and could prove the buyer search terms were in place to provide the volume of exposure. The only thing left was the seller's asking price. SMTN advertising sales reps were told to tell potential customers that SMTN would rather not do business with the seller if the seller wanted to price their timeshare too far out of line with the realistic market. That was the moral and correct thing to do and SMTN was rewarded for the honesty. This is not the case anymore. I overheard the Director of Sales actually state that the company's integrity is not what it used to be, that she could not sell ads under the current requirements, and since the company needed in excess of $160,000 per week in sales to meet payroll, the job of the ad sales rep was simply to get the credit card payment for the ad. The company was now overlooking many of the things the advertising sales rep said or did during the sale. Wow, that a change from honesty and integrity! SMTN is now guilty of the same overpricing it was so much against back in the early days of its existence. SMTN used to contest the overpricing of sites like Vacation Register and Timeshare Quick Sale but now has joined ranks with them. Instead of “do the right thing" it is now “do whatever it takes". Climbing to the top, SMTN has become one of the worlds most exposed timeshare resale websites. But now it seems that with a little power comes a lot of corruption. What do you think the most corrupting factor on the planet is? The answer is MONEY.

Of course all of this “do whatever it takes" can be shrugged off by saying “SMTN is the best shot for the seller to get a result so, let's just get them on the website at whatever selling price and then convince them to change the price later." That may or may not be true. Is this attitude helpful to the timeshare seller or the company taking the seller's money for the ad. Some timeshares will not sell regardless of price. That fact is NEVER disclosed by the advertising sales rep. The point is, the lure of big money and being the dominant power in timeshare resale has effected every facet of this company starting with the CEO, down to the Director of Sales and on to the affiliated brokerage currently headed up by Don Nadeau, which brings us to back door commissions and other questionable or unethical real estate practices.

Sometime back in late 2004, early 2005, the CEO of SMTN decided it was time to get in on the commission side of timeshare. At first, SMTN had a gentleman by the name of Gary Shelton doing “flips" on timeshare deals. Using Laura Selway (later to be indited for embezzlement while in the position of managing partner of SMTN's closing company Timeshare Transfer), Gary would find a buyer for a specific timeshare, take a deposit, find a seller fitting the description and “dual close" the deal, keeping “the spread" which was then divided by the company and Gary. This was all well and good (although somewhat borderline practice since Gary had no real estate license) until Gary started taking deposits and not locating sellers. Gary was keeping the deposits for himself. SMTN reimbursed everything Gary had taken when Gary was still employed by SMTN. I would speculate that SMTN did this only as a matter of survival at this point. Gary died before he could be indited.

In 2007, Timeshare Broker Services and SMTN were about to break up their partnership. It seems that TBS was not paying any profits share to SMTN and Don and Diane Nadeau had been secretly starting another website entity in an attempt to gain more money and control for themselves (what a great choice to put back in charge later). The partners of SMTN had an idea of an in house brokerage in Dover, NH (home of SMTN). The process had been toyed with for a while. Jay Garland, a licensed real estate broker in NH, had began with Timeshare Brokerage Services New Hampshire sometime earlier. They had a small impact and only a handful of seller listings. As well, they assisted with implementing a donation program befitting timeshare owners who wanted to get rid of timeshare regardless of selling price while donating net proceeds to Southern New Hampshire University's general scholarship fund. During the fall out of TBS (Florida) and SMTN, the new in house brokerage, to be named Timeshare HotDeal, was to be launched with Jay Garland as principal broker. This was done with the assistance of Ryan Braze, an experienced ad sales rep for SMTN who had joined the company back in late 2003, early 2004. I understand Ryan had attained his Florida real estate license at the same time the CEO's mother (Cindy Gonzalez)attained her Florida license. Ryan was insistent he would not work for Don and Diane Nadeau do to ethical difference. Ryan felt that Don worked too much in the “gray area" and hired agents that were out only for the money regardless of ethical practice or lack of ethical practice. Instead, Ryan was offered a key roll with Timeshare HotDeal if he attained a New Hampshire license, which he did. 041b061a72


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