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Donna Stella

The Omni Tank in New World: A Balanced Powerhouse

I'm thrilled to bring you an in-depth guide to a build that I'm passionate about – the Omni Tank in New World. If New World Coins you're into heavy armor, sword and shield, and Warhammer gameplay, you're in for a treat. This build is all about achieving a perfect balance between high defense, offense, and mobility, making it a force to be reckoned with in any game mode.

Attributes and Armor:

To kick things off, let's delve into the attributes that make the Omni Tank formidable. With a split of 300 strength and 300 constitution, we strike a perfect balance between damage and survivability. The heavy mythal plate set, combined with invigorated grit ward and Shing heels, forms the core of our armor, providing an ideal mix of defense, sustain, and damage mitigation.

Perks and Abilities:

Now, let's talk about perks. Shing heels takes the spotlight, offering a unique and powerful healing ability, despite some recent adjustments. Paired with invigorated, which halves debuff durations, and grit ward, providing immunity to stagger and knockdowns, we create a tanky yet mobile powerhouse. Shield bash, accelerated resolve, and sturdy fortification enhance our defensive capabilities, ensuring we can withstand any assault.

Weapons and Skills:

Moving on to weapons, the mythal long sword and Warhammer of the soldier become our weapons of choice. Combining refreshing move and frost attunement with our sword, and frost attunement, trenchman recovery, and sundering clear out with our Warhammer, we optimize our damage output and sustain. The synergy between these weapons and their respective skill trees enhances our overall effectiveness on the battlefield.

Jewelry and Gems:

Jewelry plays a crucial role in our build, with the H artifact amulet taking center stage. The center of attention perk boosts incoming healing, outweighing any decrease in outgoing healing or consumables. Leeching, healthy toast, Healing Heart, and regenerating in our other jewelry pieces ensure continuous sustain, turning us into an unstoppable force.

Playstyle and Combos:

Adapting our playstyle to the game mode, we focus on being both offensive and defensive. Utilizing Shield bash as a burst damage tool, combining it with leaping strike, clearout, and shockwave creates devastating combos. The unbreakable shield, our Tower Shield, becomes our first line of defense, strategically blocking attacks while activating defensive training and defensive formation for added protection.

Mobility and Survival:

Maintaining mobility is key to our success. Leaping strike and accelerated resolve provide not only gap-closing capabilities but also essential escape tools. Stone form becomes our last resort, cleansing debuffs and providing a potent healing effect when our health is in dire straits.


In conclusion, the Omni Tank build in New World offers a perfect blend of offense, defense, and mobility. Whether you're engaging in duels, open-world PVP, or other game modes, this build buy New World Coins shines with its versatility and power. If you've made it this far, I appreciate your dedication, and I hope you find success on the battlefield with the Omni Tank. Remember to like, comment, and subscribe for more tanky content, and until next time – stay heavy!


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